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Super Mario World 3D - NINTENDO eShop Code (Wii U/EU/Digital Download Code)

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  • Release Date 22/nov/2013
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Product description

SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD is the latest entry in the series of 3D Mario action games. Like SUPER MARIO 3D LAND before it, this game is fun and accessible to all – anyone can play!

The game supports multiplayer with up to four players – in addition to Mario, Luigi and Toad, you can now play as Princess Peach too! The fun, chaotic multiplayer mode is a new way for players to enjoy 3D Mario games, as the four players help (or hinder!) each other through the game.

This title also includes a new power-up, Cat Mario. This form brings with it new abilities, such as climbing walls and attacking enemies with your claws.

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