Bigpoint Game Card 15 EUR

Bigpoint Game Card 15 EUR

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  • Delivery Time Nov 12, 2018
  • Language Tedesco
  • Version Region Free


The product "Bigpoint Game Card 15 EUR" has an increased delivery time and is therefore not delivered immediately after ordering.

Bigpoint Game Card 15 EUR

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Bigpoint Game Card 15 EUR Description

Please note that the codes are valid for the worldwide account.

The code will be sent to you via email within 5-15 minutes after receipt of payment.

The card may not be used towards any renewal fees for in-game items which may provide a renewal option, in such an event the amount of the card will be applied towards the purchase of the same or similar items once the current purchased term on the item has expired.Terms for this card may change without notice.

this card shall be deemed issued and have the face value shown only after activation at the register. Face value for any other purpose.

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